There's no harm in a little pre-planning, is there?

Fall might seem like light years away but while you're enjoying the bikini weather right now, it pays to think ahead of some possible comfy ideas for fall outfits.

Who knows, maybe after 90 plus days of sun soaked bliss you might even start to look forward to things cooling down a bit. I know, I just chuckled a little bit at that statement too.

The good thing about fall though is that the season is made for big, cozy, baggy clothes. And who doesn't love to just melt into their comfy knitted favorites?

I think these are some of the best fall outfits ideas to ponder before the season changes.

Big Sweater

big sweater

Source: @gretchenseitz

You just can't go past a big sweater. You can't! They're a great staple wardrobe piece for fall.

Team your favorite long sweatshirt, hoodie or sweater with some black leggings and ankle boots for a simple but cute fall outfit. It will keep you cozy during the colder days but still chic and stylish.

big sweater

Sweater Dress

sweater dress

Source: @alionaprada

Sweater dresses are everything. If you try just one outfit this fall, make it this one.

Sweater dresses can really look cute because they're long and they'll keep you warm while maintaining a feminine silhouette.

Pair your sweater dress with tights and knee-high boots for sophisticated fall flair.

sweater dress

Skinny Jeans and Hoodie

skinny jeans and hoodie

Source: @christineandrew

How about a comfy fall outfit you can just throw on and walk out the door in? Skinny jeans and a hoodie is always an easy, put together outfit you can depend on.

Add some Doc Martens for an edgier look and throw your hair back in a messy bun for an effortlessly beautiful look.


black jumpsuit

Source: @aliissanaa

What could be a more effortless fall outfit look than a jumpsuit? This one-and-done piece will be your go-to in the fall, especially if you're running late. Just throw it on and run!

leopard jumpsuit

Plaid Skirt

plaid skirt

Source: @salvosongs

Plaid skirts are super cute right now. Woven skirts look so pretty and feminine and are great with leggings, a sweater and some knee-high boots.

plaid skirt



Source: @ohsoshanxo

A sweatshirt and matching pants make for a very cute and suitable casual outfit for everyday wear. Just slip it on and ride in style all day. Pair with some Converse or white sneakers and a clutch for casual chic bliss.

gray jumpsuit

Leopard Print Dress

leopard print dress


Leopard print is the new black and it wears so well with the fall foliage that will surround you. It's another great one-and-done piece that you can walk straight out the door with.

leopard print dress

Leather Shorts and Sweater

leather shorts and sweater

Source: @hannahglch

A pair of faux leather shorts will go so great with a sweater in fall weather. Add some stockings and ankle boots to complete the look.

faux leather shorts

Read more from our Style Guide for more fall outfit ideas like these.

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