Now that summer's well and truly here, you can't possibly live in all that loungewear you've been wearing on repeat for the last few months.

For one, it's too damned hot! Secondly, most of us are just tired of wearing the same pair of sweatpants over and over again. But what's the alternative?

Allow me to introduce to you the house dress.

Yup, that's right. Now more than ever is the best time to swap out your heavy loungewear for the cool, breezy comfort of summer dresses.

From the loose and flowy maxis to cotton ribbed-knit styles and backless wonders, summer house dresses are the fresh take you didn't even know you needed.

Whether you're chilling on the sofa, working from home or just enjoying quiet time at home, these summer dresses are for you.

Rib Knit Dress

rib knit dress

You already love you're ribbed tank top, so why not wear them in dress form? They're basically the same thing, this one just happens to be about a foot longer.

rib knit maxi dress

I love rib knit dresses because they're easy to throw on but still sleek and polished. Add some chunky gold jewelry and you have an outfit that you can easily wear outside of the house too.

Maxi Dress

floral maxi dress

Did someone say staycation? These flowy gowns that gracefully graze the floor will make you feel you're on vacation without ever leaving your home.

This maxi dress is a dream to wear in summer, it's so loose but still creates an elegant silhouette that will make you feel like dancing around your own home.

boho maxi dress

Smock Dress

smock mini dress

Smocking details on anything instantly makes it more appealing but on a dress, well, you've really got something to show off then.This stretchy fabric is comfortable and looks great on literally everyone!

Careful about catching glimpses of yourself in the mirror, you may never be able to take your eyes off of it.

 Slip Dress

slip midi dress

Do you really need an excuse to wear a slip dress? They're so light and silky smooth to the touch, you barely know that they're there. It's no wonder that they featured so prominently on the S/S 2020 runways.

cowl neck slip dress

These dreamy dresses may just make their way back to your bedroom after all.

Backless Dress

backless midi dress

From cut-outs to lace-up straps, to barely-there looks showing a little skin is always in vogue. And doing it in creative ways makes it all the more fun.

Just make sure to put on some sunscreen if you're planning to spend a lot of time out in the backyard.

Backless mini dress

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