There you are in the clothing store, casually browsing the garments.

The eagle-eyed store assistants watch on as you continue to browse, blissfully unaware.

Just when you think you’ve seen enough, you catch something in the corner of your eye. Your head turns so fast it nearly falls off. 

There it is. The dress you didn’t know you needed until right now.

Without hesitation, you rip the dress right off the rack.

But then you notice the store assistants in the background murmuring something among themselves. You can't quite make out what they're saying. Maybe they think the dress won't fit your apple body shape.

Pfft, you know how to dress an apple body shape.

You confidently storm the fitting rooms and quickly try to remove your own clothes as they hold onto you like a clingy boyfriend.

You take a deep breath before checking yourself out in the mirror only to realize⸺oh god, it looks terrible on you.

Sigh, it's a common issue many women face. But with a little advice from yours truly, I can show you how to dress for an apple body shape and look amazing!

What is an Apple Body Shape?

According to SheKnows, apple body shape women share most of the following traits:

  • Your hips, shoulders and waist are roughly the same width
  • You tend to gain weight mainly around your waist 
  • The lower parts of your legs and arms are slender
  • The width of your high hip is greater than your lower hip
  • Your bust is wider than your hips
  • You have a short waist
  • Your thighs and hips are the narrowest part of your body

In summary, Stylecraze says an apple body shape tends to have a heavier upper-body in comparison to your lower body. Meaning, you have broad shoulders and a relatively large bust. 

How to Dress the Apple Body Shape

So now that you know your shape, let’s get into how to style an apple shaped body.

As you no doubt know from personal experience, this is one of the most difficult shapes to dress. Your instinct may be to try and cover everything up with loose clothes. But this is a mistake, says 40+STYLE.

Your aim should be to create the most flattering silhouette you can. The way to do this is to draw attention away from your waist by emphasizing your cleavage and creating clean, vertical lines. 

How to Draw Attention Away From Your Tummy

You want to create balance and draw attention away from the widest part of your tummy.

To do this, you can either completely skim over your tummy or redefine where your mid-section is.

To redefine your mid-section, tie a belt a little bit above your widest point. This will help create the illusion of a smaller waist.

How to Emphasize Your Cleavage

Of course, you don’t have to draw attention to your cleavage. But if you want to take the focus away from your waist, it needs to go somewhere.

A super simple way to do this is with a v-neck top or dress. A deep v-neck will help create a more elongated torso.

How to Emphasize Your Legs

Hopefully, like many other apple shaped women, you have some great legs to show off, too.

You don’t necessarily need to wear a mini skirt but keep the hem above the knee.   

What Are the Best Dresses for Apple Shaped Bodies?

Successible Life says flowy tunics, midi dresses and A-line dresses make flattering dresses for apple shape women.

WhoWhatWear also suggests empire or smock dresses that will skim over your tummy.

When it comes to choosing the best dress style for apple shape bodies, there are a few details you should look out for:

  • Dresses with waistlines below the bust or at your slimmest point
  • Dresses with ruching, draping or layers
  • Dresses with soft fabrics that won’t bulk up around your bust, waist or tummy
  • Dresses with a v neckline, like I mentioned earlier

Here are a few of my favorite dresses for apple body shapes:

polka dot mini dress


I love this mini polka dot dress for apple shape bodies because it kind of ticks all the boxes.

The V-neck isn't that deep but my feeling is that since the hem is so high, you will be showing off your legs anyway. And I always advocate for showing off just one thing at a time.

I also love that you can tie the waist off, so you can redefine where your midsection is.

And who doesn't love polka dots? They're so timeless! If you don't like the color, you can buy in yellow or navy too.

You will feel confident wearing this dress because it emphasizes all the right places while downplaying the rest. Watch the compliments roll in!

vertical stripe mini dress

This is another great dress for apple body types.

One of the first things that you notice about this dress is the cleavage. So the job of drawing attention away from your tummy is basically done already.

But I love the vertical stripes as well because they elongate your torso, which gives it a slimming effect.

Where the horizontal stripes sit also creates the illusion of a slimmer waist because, aided by the A-line shape of the dress.

You will look and feel so much slimmer in this dress, ready to take on the world!

long sleeve floral mini dress

You know those days where you just can't muster the effort to get dressed up. Or maybe you just don't have the time.

This long sleeve floral dress is great for apple shape women because it completely skims over your tummy. And it's just a beautiful dress to wear when you need to look put together in a hurry.

You don't need to put a lot of effort into this outfit but it will look like you did the instant you throw it on. What a life saver!

Dress it up with some knee-high boots or keep it casual with some white sneakers.

 a line mini dress


This is a gorgeous going out look for apple shape women.

It shows off just enough cleavage to draw the eye and it has a very high waist where the skirt flares out to slim down your tummy.

It transforms your body into the quintessential hourglass figure that I think most of us desire.

And that flame scarlett color has femme fatale written all over it!

You will feel drop dead gorgeous in this dress. It's perfect for your next date night.

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