What decade are you? 70s, 80s, 90s, naughties maybe?

While older generations of people moved on with the times and left their sartorial choices in the past, like Marty McFly in his Delorean, the younger generation have brought aesthetic fashion back to the future.

You've stumbled upon a very exciting time in fashion history because basically every era from the last 50 years is back in vogue. So, which is your favorite?

The disco era of the 70s? The bold colors and silhouettes of the 80s? What about 90s grunge or the fast fashion of the 2000s? 

Whatever you're into, I'll show you the right way to do aesthetic vintage fashion.

What is Aesthetic Fashion?

Aesthetic fashion doesn't actually have a concrete meaning but I would summarize it as being fashion that is of the time. More specifically, the aesthetic is the overall style associated with that time or trend.

Younger generations who are now coming of age are beginning to re-discover the past and dusting off the old trends to bring them back into the mainstream.

Aesthetic fashion actually branches off into a whole lot of different sub-cultures like goth and renaissance but let's keep it simple for now with the time based trends.

70s Aesthetic Fashion

According to Harpers Bazaar The 70s is considered to be one of the most stylish decades of all time.

Flares, bell sleeves, shearling coats and mini skirts all made their mark in this decade but the 70s was a time of experimentation with Vogue declaring “There are no rules in the fashion game now.”

Early 70s Fashion

Central Casting says for women, the hippie look of the 60s carried over to the early 70s with things like bell bottoms, frayed jeans, midi skirts, tie dye and peasant blouses.

early 70s aesthetic fashion

If you want to pull the look together, you should accessorize with chokers, headbands, scarves and jewelry made of wood or feathers.

Women who didn't go for the hippie look had a more dressy casual wardrobe. Tight t-shirts, flared pants, sweater and boots were staples of their style.

early 70s fashion aesthetic

Mid 70s Fashion

By the mid 70s the hippie look fell out of favor and more women began to enter the workforce, sporting tailored blazers, midi skirts and fitted blouses with high heels.

Mid 70s aesthetic fashion

Late 70s Fashion

The late 70s were the time of disco and women everywhere were wearing jersey wrap dresses, tube tops, sequined shirts, spandex shorts and boots or chunky heels.

late 70s fashion

When they weren't flooding the disco floor, women wore baggier, more relaxed clothes as well as more revealing attire in an inverted triangle silhouette. Look for cowl neck shirts, sundresses over tight t-shirts, pantsuits and strapless tops for your outfit.

late 70s aesthetic fashion

80s Aesthetic Fashion

In every facet, the 80s were all about excess, and that extended into fashion as well. But most of the 80s aesthetic was actually influenced by the 70s according to Central Casting It wasn't until postmodernism took over in the mid 80s that things started to change.

Early 80s Fashion

Early 80s fashion started to step away from the bright colors of disco and trended more towards minimalist and subdued color palettes like earth tones and shades of brown.

High-waisted jeans, turtlenecks, velvet blazers and loose dresses with sneakers or thick heels made up the majority of women's style.

Mid-Late 80s Fashion

The mid 80s is where fashion the decade is now famous for really took off. We're talking bright colors, big shoulders and bold jewelry. Common outfit pieces included bulky sweaters, shoulder pads, trench coats and Levi 501s.

late 80s aesthetic fashion

Specific 80s Styles

Messy Chic

Madonna was one of the biggest fashion influencers of the 80s, one of her most emulated looks was her messy chic phase epitomized in the Like a Virgin video.The look was made up of layered jackets, tulle skirts fingerless gloves and bow headbands.

She often accessorized with lots of necklaces and bracelets, too.

madonna aesthetic 80s fashion


Wealthy teenagers at the time often dressed in button down shirts, polos, cuffed khakis and argyle sweaters with loafers or boat shoes.

preppy 80s aesthetic fashion


Like a grungy version of the rebellious 60s hippie, punk style consisted of distressed denim, leather jackets, denim vests, graphic tees and combat boots.

punk 80s easthetic fashion

90s Aesthetic Fashion

According to Central Casting, trends from the 80s like fluorescent colors on sweatpants, t-shirts, parachute pants and jackets carried over to the early 90s.

The most popular colors were blue, green, orange, pink and yellow.

Women often wore crop tops, baby doll dresses over leggings and black leather jackets with shoulder pads.

early 90s aesthetic fashion

Mid 90s Fashion

The mid 90s became more about polished, form-fitting styles. Women dressed in tailored skirts and pantsuits, slip dresses, hot pants and skirts in satin, metallic and sequin fabrics.

90s aesthetic fashion slip dress

Late 90s Fashion

The 70s aesthetic saw a revival in the late 90s with women opting for black or red leather pants, fitted shirts, halter tops, cropped tanks and platform shoes in plum, navy and red tones.

late 90s aesthetic fashion

90s Specific Styles


Inspired by the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, 90s grunge was like a toned down version of 80s punk and included darker colored plaid flannel shirts, stonewash or ripped jeans, doc martens and combat boots.

90s grunge aesthetic fashion

Modern Preppy

If you love Clueless, and I'm almost certain that you do, then you'll be familiar with this look. It consisted mainly of plaid or tartan skirts, sweaters, slip dresses and knee high boots.

preppy 90s aesthetic fashion


As hip-hop began to emerge as a mainstream art form, so did the fashion. These looks features gold chains, wide leg jeans, tracksuits, bomber jackets and snapback hats and bucket hats.

hip hop 90s aesthetic fashion

Y2K Aesthetic Fashion

Central Casting says the color palette of early 2000s fashion was filled with shiny black tones and reflective metallics that could be seen in leather skirts and shiny pants along with handkerchief or mesh tops.

early 2000s aesthetic fashion

Casual clothing and leisurewear were also a big part of early 2000s style. Basically anything that could be covered in denim was including shirts and hats. Women wore crop tops, hoodies, low rise jeans, cargo pants, off the shoulder tops, Ugg boots and sneakers.

early 2000s aesthetic fashion

Mid 2000s Fashion

As with every decade that came before it, the mid 2000s took inspiration from earlier decades like the 60s. Yoga pants, low rise jeans, peasant tops, capri pants, cropped jackets and dresses over jeans were popular.

Outfits were accessorized with chunky belts, jelly bracelets, ties and platform boots.

The must have items of the time also included Von Dutch trucker hats and Juicy Couture tracksuits.

mid 2000s aesthetic fashion

Late 2000s Fashion

In the late 2000s, crop tops were replaced with camis and mini skirts were done away by bubble skirts and sweater dresses. The 80s and 90s made their comeback too in the form of neon colors, animal prints and geometric shapes.

2000s Specific Style


Emo is kind of what you get if punk and goth styles had a baby, and it was pretty big in the mid 2000s. Outfits were mostly all black with skinny jeans, graphic tees, studded belts and checkered Vans.

Of course, if you really want to nail the emo look, you've got to get the hair right. Think choppy cuts with long side-swept bangs dyed either black or platinum blonde.

emo 2000s aesthetic fashion


Scene was almost like the more colorful sibling of the emo trend and included skinny black biker jeans, bright t-shirts and hoodies, graphic tees, tutus and studded belts.

The hair was essential to this look as well, with bright neon dyed hair teased and swept to the side with tiaras and bows.

scene 2000s aesthetic fashion


You might consider today's athleisure to be minimalistic in comparison to the athleisure of the naughties. Back then, everyone was wearing their favorite brightly colored tracksuit with rhinestones and phrases on the back.

athleisure 2000s aesthetic fashion

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