How to Crush Your Coffee Date Outfit and Keep A Guy on the Hook

You’re sitting there on the sofa scrolling through your IG feed, cool as a cucumber. When all of a sudden you get a text from your crush. Your heart skips a beat.

“Hey, what’s up?” it reads.

It’s a fairly ordinary question but it puts a smile on your face. You can’t quite put your finger on it but there’s something about this guy that makes you feel good inside.

Your instincts tell you to reply straight away but you don’t want to seem eager, so you leave him hanging⸺just for a little bit.

“Hey, just chilling haha, what about you?” you reply.

“Same. Wanna hang out tomorrow?” he asks.

Your heart skips another beat but your smile broadens.“Yeah, coffee?” you respond.

You know those relationships⸺the chemistry’s definitely there and you’re definitely more than friends. But you’re not quite ready to make it official yet.

So that begs the question, What do you even wear to a coffee date? You don’t want to send the wrong signals, so let’s make things simple with these 5 outfits that will help keep things casual. And still make you look totally desirable.

Plus, I’ll share a few tips about how you can keep him on the hook and maintain your casual relationship.

What to Wear on a Coffee Date

Cami & Jeans

white cami

Yes, you can look hot while still keeping it casual. A flirty cami with some high-waist jeans and flats is a stylish feminine look anyone can pull off.

A cami is ideal for showing off just enough skin while still leaving a lot to the imagination. This is a great coffee date outfit for warmer weather. Just layer with a cardigan in cooler temperatures.

Mini Dress & Sneakers

orange mini dress

A mini dress is perfect for keeping things casual for a coffee date in the warmer months. Throw on you Vans or Converse sneakers and you'll look like a total babe.

Summer is a perfect excuse to show off your legs while grabbing coffee with your crush too!

Oversized Sweater & Jeans

rollneck sweater

What better way to keep things casual than in an oversized sweater, ripped skinny jeans and a pair of Converse sneakers. So comfortable and chic at the same time.

This is for those of us who are in love with our oversized knits and still want to wear sneakers. Your date will definitely love this coffee date outfit.

Mini Skirt & Boots

mini skirt and boots

This coffee date outfit is perfect for the girl who's keeping things casual but wants to go for a girly, chic outfit.

Wear your favorite mini skirt and pair it with some boots, like Doc Martens, and you'll look adorable for your next coffee date. Throw on your favorite neutral color tee to complete the look.

Blazer & Jeans

black blazer

If you're grabbing a coffee when you need it most i.e. for the office. Kill two birds with one stone and wear a blazer for a cute coffee date outfit that's totally work appropriate.

You will look like a strong, confident woman in this outfit while still keeping things oh so casual.

How to Keep things Casual

The most important thing in maintaining a casual relationship is to set boundaries for yourself and each other.

Naturally, I would advise you to openly communicate this with each other so you both know exactly where you stand. A simple, "let's keep things casual" could be all it takes.

But there are situations where you might want to keep things close to the chest, maybe to keep your options open or maybe you just like to be in control.

In either case, if you want to keep him on the hook, stick to these 5 rules:

1. Don't Make Plans More than a Few Days in Advance

Women's Health says making plans a day or two ahead is totally okay but anything more than that is headed towards relationship territory.

Keep things spontaneous and live in the moment so you don't feel like you're committing to anything. This keeps your options open for meeting other people too.

2. Maintain Your Distance and Your Independence

To avoid things getting too serious, it's important to keep your distance from each other. Don't spend too much time together and put yourself first, whether that's with school, your career or even meeting other people.

According to Esquire you can still maintain boundaries and have fun together without being disrespectful. Answer all of their texts but don't be their emotional shoulder to lean on.

3. Keep it Between the Two of You

No, I don't mean keep things a secret, I mean avoid blending into each other's lives. That means not meeting each other's friends or family for that matter.

This is part of maintaining your distance from each other. So, if he even suggests meeting his friends or hanging out with them, just say no.

Doctor Nerd Love also suggests avoiding other things like leaving a space in your draws for their things. This implies commitment.

4. Don't Attend an Event Just to be with Them

One of the perks or downsides of a relationship, depending on how you look at it, is that you often attend events with your S/O that you wouldn't ordinarily go to yourself.

Thought Catalog says in a casual relationship, there's no such obligation. So, if you don't want to go to that concert or that football game, then don't. You should never have to suffer through anything just to be with them.

5. Keep Your Jealousy to Yourself

Just saw your guy cozying up with another girl on social media? Fine, it's none of your business anyway.

I know it's a lot easier to say don't be jealous than to actually do it, so if you find that green monster rearing its ugly head, just play it cool. If you show him that you're jealous, you lose any leverage you might have had in the relationship.

Keep your head held high and do your own thing.

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