It’s been a long, hard week of work and you’re still sitting at your computer, mulling over those notes from your last client meeting.

Your brain is at half capacity⸺it’s all you could salvage after you caught a bad case of ‘three-thirty-itits’ earlier that afternoon. You may not have made it at all if it weren’t for that coffee you had, it was just shot in the arm you needed.

The glare of the sun catches your eye, your head swivels toward the office window just in time to see the sun fade off into the distance. The time on your computer screen reads 5.45 pm, Just 15 more minutes you mutter to yourself. But right now that seems like an eternity.

As each minute passes you catch yourself switching back and forth between your computer screen and your phone like you’re watching a tennis match.

Finally, the clock strikes six. You slyly slink towards the bathroom with your bag in hand, trying to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. You lock yourself inside a bathroom stall and unzip the bag, inside is a delicate sequin dress.

You step outside from the stall like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Your colleagues watch on in astonishment as you make your way out of the office, leaving nothing but dangled jaws in your wake. Thank god it’s Friday!

We’ve all been there, changing into your outfit at work is a pain in the butt. Your day to night outfit needn’t be so troublesome.

Believe it or not, you can wear your work outfit outside of your 9-5, with a few minor alterations. Whether it’s girls night, after work drinks or date night, I’ll show you how to conquer your day to night look. 

How to Dress for Day to Night

Lisa Axelson, head designer for women’s workwear brand Ann Taylor told Harper's Bazaar the easiest way to transform from day to night is with a trusty LBD.

"I would say rule number one is to have a fabulous little black dress—it's the easiest piece to change from day to night. Add an amazing topper, a piece of statement jewelry, and a red lip or a heel to make it a bit more playful for evening."   

Stylist Christina Ehrlich agreed, saying that you never have to go home and change. She suggested simply updating your outfit with a different shoe, jewelry and a clutch.

Who What Wear added that a LBD with interesting details will stand out for an evening event but won’t be too much during the day.

little black dress

Christina Ehrlich says If you want to elevate your look, she advises either a cropped leather bomber, a tuxedo jacket or a boyfriend blazer. Her rule of thumb: Graphic black and white is always chic.

As far as jewelry goes, Jeffrey Kalinsky, executive vice president of designer merchandise at Nordstrom said to add something more ‘blingy’ or to add it into the outfit itself with something bejeweled.

Pencil skirts are another great day to night idea. Fashion designer Wes Gordon recommends trading your button-up shirt for something like a gold crushed velvet T-shirt when it’s time to clock out. Or just wear a silk shirt instead and change into a more aggressive heel and some statement jewelry.

If you want to really nail the perfect after-work shoe, opt for a single-sole pointy-toe stiletto in a bright silver or gold. No one will suspect you just came from your 9-5 in something so ostentatious.

Continue the theme with tone-on-tone dressing. Block colors or colors with a neutral tone may be a little too formal, so go for broke by adding a metallic clutch to your statement heels.

What if you don’t want to wear a dress? Try cocktail pants or slim cigarette pants with a silk blouse and great shoes. Just add a statement necklace and you’ll be cocktail party ready!

More Day to Night Outfit Ideas

Midi Skirt

midi skirt

A midi skirt in an interesting texture or tone feels sophisticated and chic without trying too hard. Pair it with a slim turtleneck during work hours and throw on a moto jacket when you're headed out of the office.



A shirtdress may appear more casual but with the right accessories it can be easily turned into a nighttime outfit. Wear oxfords during the day and switch it up with heels at night. Simple but effective. 


black jumpsuit

Need an outfit that will take you from day to night in one hit? Try a jumpsuit. It's elevated enough for an evening out on the town but isn't too flashy for the office.

Silk Blouse

silk blouse

Whether it's the office or the bar, a silk blouse totally works for either occasion.

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