Tell me if you’ve ever had this fantasy before.

You’re at a concert, watching one of your favorite artists. And you’re really close to the stage.

You sing along to all the lyrics because of course you know them all by heart. And you’re dancing like a maniac.

Despite being amongst a sea of people, you lock eyes with the person on stage. You don’t know quite what it is but you feel like they’re attention is completely focussed on you. It’s like you’re the only person in the crowd.

And then it happens, they call you up on stage.

Your heart flutters as security rushes you onto the stage⸺One of your idols asks you to sing a couple lyrics with them. You can’t believe it, this is your big moment!

It’s a great fantasy to have. But consider this, what are you going to wear when that moment comes?

You want to be looking your best for your big moment, so next time you’re headed to a gig, try out a few of these cute concert outfit ideas from The Every Girl that are guaranteed to hit all the right notes.

Graphic Tee + Fun Bottoms

faux crocodile skirt

Is your favorite band playing? Show off your undying love with one of their graphic tees and pair it with a fun bottom.

It’s an outfit you can easily wear again and again even after the concert’s over. But it looks that much better when you’re rocking out to some music.

Black + White + Denim

If you know anything about French Style, you’ll know the key to looking effortlessly chic is to keep things simple.

This is a combination you can easily mix and match for outfits as endless as your summer gig list.

Leather + Breezy Top

leather + breezy top

Source: @thefashionablybroke

Leather is a quick and easy way to create a chic rocker outfit but a breezy top will help balance things out in the summer heat.

Bright Colored Skirt + White Top

bright colored skirt

Like all concerts, outdoor ones are about having fun. But when you have the freedom to move about or enjoy an evening picnic, it’s the perfect excuse to wear something a little more casual.

No outfit does that better than a bold colored skirt paired with a minimal white top.

Feminine White Dress + Leather

crochet mini dress

Just because you’re into grunge doesn’t mean you have to go all in. Pair you Doc Martens with a more feminine silhouette to strike the right balance for summer.

White Tee + Heels

White t shirt and heels

Source: @charmedbycamille

You can’t go wrong with jeans and a white tee. For literally anything. But if you’re worried it might be a bit too basic, try wearing a pair of metallic heels to jazz up your look.

Dress Up

Don’t be afraid to dress it up a little if you think the occasion calls for it. An off-the-shoulder top is a great way to add some style without feeling overdressed.

Trust me, the last thing you're going to be thinking about if you get up on stage is whether you're overdressed or not.


black jumpsuit

Speaking of dressed up, a jumpsuit can feel super dressed up or down depending on how you wear it.

Wear some fancy heels or a pair of sandals. It’s up to you!

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