9 of the Best Summer 2020 Fashion Trends You'll Want to Try

We’ve purged our closets of our winter clothes and things are starting to look a little scarce. So, we’ve been on the hunt for some summer 2020 fashion trends that we can stock up on.

We’ve searched high and low on social media and found that these are some of the summer 2020 fashion trends you should watch out for. And you can shop them now!

Minimalist Mindset

white cami

Ask yourself, how much of your wardrobe do you actually wear? Chances are it's only a fraction. To achieve a minimalist mindset, you need to go back to basics. Think loose t-shirts, comfortable jeans and thin dresses. They should be the things that make you feel amazing and confident in your look.


knit bodysuit

On the face of it, a neutral outfit sounds boring. But it allows you so much freedom to experiment. Mix and match different pieces for a completely new outfit time and again. Pair your neutral pieces with white or black and gold jewelry to complete the look.

Animal Print

leopard mini dress

Whether you go add just a touch or go full feline, leopard print is guaranteed to give your outfit an added level of oomph. It's edgy, bold and instills confidence in anyone who wears it. 

White Monochromatic Outfits

white jumpsuit

Elegance. Sophistication. Just a few of the words that come to mind when you see an all-white outfit. You can't go wrong.

Black on Black

black jumpsuit

From one end of the spectrum to the other, monochromatic looks are all a part of the minimalist mindset whether they're black or white. An all black outfit is slimming and can be flattering on any body shape. And who doesn't love wearing black skinny jeans or leggings for the appearance of longer, slimmer legs?

Doc Martens

corduroy side slit mini skirt

Yes, that's right, Doc Martens in summer! While they may look uncomfortable for summer, they are actually super comfortable and perfect for pairing with your summer skirts or dresses.

White Button-up Shirt

white button up blouse

Simple and easy to style, a white button-up shirt goes with anything.


A little plaid is a playful way to add some intrigue into your outfit. Rock it with a plain white top to balance out your look.

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