Are you a card carrying member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee?

I know, it can be discouraging having little to no cleavage, especially when you're trying on a form fitting top for the first time.

But hey, booties are all the rage anyway, right? And if there's anything I've learned about French style, it's that French women really don't care about small chests. They just embrace it and continue to look good anyway.

If you want to look good, despite your lack of cleave, maybe you should try out these 9 small chest outfits you'll love.

All the Frills

off the shoulder ruffle dress

Take your pick - bows, ruffles, embellishments, cut outs, all kinds of small chest dresses are on the table when you have a flat chest. 

You can never extenuate your bodice too much.

Forget Your Bra, It's All About Your Back

backless dress

Take the Plunge with Your Neckline

plunging mini dress

 Knot Up Your Button-Down

front tie blouse

Tighten Up Your Spaghetti Straps and You Won't Reveal Too Much

spaghetti strap dress

Show Off Some Skin. A Lot of it

Sheer top

Sure, it's revealing. But revealing outfits for small chest women aren't too revealing, if you know what I mean.

Combine Your Frills with Your Plunging Neckline

ruffle plunging mini dress

 Halter Neck, Hold the Bra

halter dress

Make Daring Cuts Look Effortlessly Polished

blazer romper

Wear an intricate bralette or just go braless underneath.

Keep the Focus on Your Shoulders

off the shoulder crop top

You don't have to worry about wearing a bra with a bandeau top.

Low-Cut Dresses? Yes Please!

low cut midi dress

The one advantage you have over larger chested women is that they have to worry about finding the right bra to wear with their fancy dresses. Small chests FTW!

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