When you think of cozy fall outfits for women, your mind probably conjures up images of sweatshirts and leggings or your trusty joggers.

While there's almost nothing I love more than to just throw on some leggings and a sweatshirt, believe it or not, you can look way more amazing and still be warm at the same time!

How? With some simple items, you can pull off a cute and cozy ensemble that will have you wishing fall would get here sooner rather than later.

Take a little sneak peek at some of the cutest fall outfits you can copy when the cooler temperatures start rolling in.


 gray sweater

Layers are your best friend on a chilly day, so whatever you can put on and take off again when you're inside, go for it!

A simple sweatshirt over a shirt is a classic and cozy fall outfits idea that will make you look both smart and slim at the same time.

If you want an even more cozy option, a chunky knit cardigan works great too. Best of all, you can bunch you hands up in the sleeves if you forget to bring your gloves.

striped sweatshirt

A Big Coat

big coat

Source: @jesschamilton

Big coats are the best ideas for fall outfits because they're like a sneaky one-and-done piece, except you're wearing layers underneath. When you've wrapped yourself up though, it doesn't really matter what's underneath.

Go big and make a statement. Big coats are awesome because you can still wear your oversized sweater underneath and look slim because the shape of the coat stays flattering.

Belts are a great option too because they protect you against the wind blowing your coat open with the added benefit of cinching in your waist!

fur coat

Long Sweaters

long sweater

Source: @cataley_yay

Baggy sweaters are great fall outfits ideas but what about sweaters that are longer instead of wider? All you need is a long sweater and some leggings for cozy perfection.

A long sweater creates a surprisingly flattering silhouette. They hug you in all the right places and stay loose where it matters. On a chilly day, you can strut confidently as your legs look like they go on for days.

long sweater

Teddy Coat

teddy coat

Source: @paolitamorales

It doesn't get more cozy than a teddy coat, they will keep you warm no matter what. And you, nor anyone you come into contact with, will be able to resist stroking your sleeves.

If you're not keen on layering up, a teddy coat is literally all you need for the perfect fall outfit.

teddy coat

Knitted Sweater

knitted sweater

Source: @lovisabarkman

Knitted sweaters are always a fashionable item but the patterns that they're available in have become more and more basic. Try and find a more complicated pattern if you can, heck, why not ask Grandma to knit you one?

These sweaters are so soft and cute, you can't not feel like you're being wrapped up in a warm hug. And, depending on the pattern, you can even wear a bralette underneath that's visible through the gaps.

Knee High Boots

knee high boots

Source: @grey_dots

Forget your ankle boots and upgrade to some knee-high boots this fall. Your calves stay warm and you can have a more confident stride walking down the street.

Knee-high boots are a great complement to skirts because they keep you warm on those chilly days and you still get to look fashionably chic in your skirts. They look great with long sweaters too!

Suede Jacket

suede jacket

Source: @lydia.webb

Where leather jackets fail to provide that feeling of coziness, suede jackets thrive. You have something soft over your body but you still look badass and gorgeous.

It can be paired with sweaters underneath on those especially cool days or just over your normal tops. It's so versatile because it can be dressed down or up but still give you that warmth you crave.

Just make sure to protect it with your life because stains are super hard to get out of suede.

black velvet jacket

Skirts and Sweaters

skirt and sweater

Get the best of both worlds - pair your sweater and skirt for cozy on top and style on bottom.

This outfit works best for those who can handle a bit of cool weather without too much drama. Of course, if you're not superhuman, you can still wear tights.

A sweater and skirt isn't a pairing you'll see often but when you do, they look great together. Take your outfit to the next level by pairing it with your knee-high boots to keep your calves cozy too.

faux leather skirt

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