7 Colorful Outfits That Will Make You Have a Powerful New Mood

If you’re in a funk and looking for a mood enhancer, here’s something you might not have considered - your outfit. A lot of us use fashion as a way of expressing ourselves but it can actually go both ways. The color of our outfits can influence our mood and even our stress levels.

The next time you’re seeking a mood change, why not try out these color choices with your outfit.


orange mini dress

We know, we know. The thought of wearing orange is a little intimidating. But the benefits of a vibrant orange hue can be huge. The uplifting and energetic effects can be really rewarding to your psyche.


blue shirt dress

It's hard not to feel calm and tranquil when you're wrapped up in a blue outfit. There's just something so soothing about it.


white blazer

It's easy to dismiss white as just another shade but it has also been linked to feelings of peacefulness and cleanliness. The next time you want to feel pristine and sophisticated, throw on a white outfit.


pink jumpsuit

Shades of pink can be nurturing and even project a feeling of love and kindness. Feel the love with a shade of pink in your outfits.


green coat

Green is inextricably linked to nature, which has often shown to reduce stress and anxiety in people. But if you can't go to nature, just bring the nature to you instead.


red mini dress

Red can have a polarizing effect - for some it may evoke feelings of anger and aggression. For others, it may stimulate feelings of passion and comfort. 


yellow mini dress

While yellow may be an attention grabbing color, a softer shade like this one creates feelings of warmth and brightness without being too in your face.


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