Thank god it's Friday!

You've had a long, hard week at work and now it's time for you to blow off some steam.

Maybe you'll paint the town red with your best gal pals and flirt with that cute bartender.

Or maybe your crush has just sent you a last minute txt asking you to join him at that swanky new joint uptown.

But first, you need to go home and get changed.


What are you going to wear anyway?

Everybody's waiting for you. And every moment you spend brooding about your outfit could be another moment spent having fun.

Don't worry though, I've got you covered with some cute bar outfit ideas that are probably sitting in your closet right now.

What to Wear to a Bar

Dressing for bars requires achieving the perfect balance between style and comfort.

As a matter of fact, USA Today says that you can never go wrong with a pair of jeans. Like, ever. And even if you want to look classy and polished, a pair of dark skinny jeans will do the trick.

Who What Wear says everything else for what to wear to a bar is usually sitting right in your closet.

Embellished Denim Jacket

embellished denim jacket

Source: @tiffanytroumouliaris

If you love wearing denim jackets, an embellished or embroidered denim jacket is a fantastic piece to wear on a night out.

If you want to be noticed on your night out, this remix on an old classic is guaranteed to send more than a few compliments your way.

Faux Leather Skirt

faux leather skirt


After happy hour, a cool faux leather skirt paired with a sleek bodysuit or sheer top will make for one sassy night out. Watch out everyone, cause here you come!

I personally love this faux leather skirt because of its fiery red color, it instantly draws your attention and pairs so well with a black sheer top.

You will definitely feel confident and sexy in this skirt - and guilt free too because it's made of faux leather.

I would pair it with this rhinestone sheer top because even though the skirt is the key part of the outfit, a unique sheer top like this one only adds to the glamor of your look.

Mini skirts and sheer tops are a dime a dozen but why settle for second best when you can have an absolutely stunning look that's all your own. 

Slip Dress

gold slip dress

A slip dress is really a catch all⸺so don’t get caught without one!

Wear it with a t-shirt and sneakers to a coffee date. For an evening date at the bar, ditch the t-shirt and sneakers for some strappy heels and a statement bag.

This slip dress is so gorgeous, you can practically taste the champagne dripping off it. A perfect complement with your drink at the bar.

If you want a classy look to match the vibe of the bar, this is what you should wear.

You will look and feel polished for the occasion.

Moto Jacket

moto jacket

Source: @sweetandpetite_

If you have any doubt about what you should wear to a bar, wear a moto jacket. Enough said.

Knit Dress

knit dress

At first glance, a knit dress might seem too casual. But pair it with some boots and you’ve got yourself an outfit that’s up to code.

Speaking of shoes⸺don’t expend too much energy thinking about this. Most bars are dark and crowded to the point where you can barely even see your feet.

Do wear comfortable shoes though, there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a seat!

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