We're dress obsessed here and there's no better time to jump into a new dress trend than summer.

They're pretty much the only thing I want to wear in summer. And now that the season's basically here already, my eyes have been scanning the web for all the latest casual summer dresses.

I found some good ones that I can't wait to share with you!

The summer silhouette has taken on a new form and mini dresses are totally my new obsession. They're so easy to wear and look absolutely stunning in the summertime.

Take notes, these are the 5 new summer dresses you need to try this season.

Short Hemlines and Tight Fits

zip front belted mini dress

Midi dresses have enjoyed a lot of shine over the last few years but now the mini dress is getting it's time in the sun. Tight mini dresses, too.

bodycon mini dress

Bodycon mini dresses are normally reserved for evening wear but now short summer dresses are popping up during the day as well. Hurry and get on the train!

Suited and Booted

white blazer dress

It seems like suits are the way to go these days - from 80s power suits to oversize co-ords - suits are trending up. And now they've made their way over to dresses.

black blazer dress

Dress it up or down, belted or un-belted, blazer dresses and blazers worn as dresses are a fresh take on ladies' summer dresses.

Halter Necks

halter neck maxi dress

Hold everything because halter necks are back. And it's not just me that saying that. The runways were choc-full of them at the spring/summer fashion runways.

halter neck bodycon dress

Who knows, maybe you still have some halter dresses in your closet from the early naughties.

Puff Sleeves

puff sleeve midi dress

From tight-fitting to voluminous, puff sleeves make for appropriate summer dresses when the temperature begins to spike.

puff sleeve midi dress

There will be no need to fish for compliments in one of these dresses, expect them to come to you freely and often.


off the shoulder bodycon dress

Milkmaid tops had a short stint among the fashion zetgeist but now they've kind of been reincarnated in dress form. They're not for everyone but they make my list of new cute summer dresses nonetheless.

button front mini dress

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