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You know that one item that you keep in your closet, that you only bring out on certain occasions?

It says something about your style and personality, so when you bring it out on those rare occasions, you know it's guaranteed to make a statement.

For some, it might be their favorite red dress or LBD, or even a bright blazer. But for others, leather leggings say it all.

Leather leggings are the perfect statement piece to dress up or down because they're a versatile mix of casual but classy. But if you're not sure what to wear leather leggings with, I've got you covered.

If you didn't love them already, these 20 outfits with leather leggings will make you fall head over heels with this statement piece.

Keep scrolling to check out my top picks for outfits for leather leggings.

1. Leather Leggings + Denim Jacket

leather leggings and denim jacket


denim jacket

2. Leather Leggings + Sweater

leather leggings and sweater

Source: @monika_potzy


3. Leather Leggings + Oversize Sweater

leather leggings and oversize sweater

Source: @angelina_haupt

oversized sweater

4. Leather Leggings + Blazer

leather leggings and blazer

Source: @angelina.lilienne


5. Monochrome

monochrome leather leggings outfit 

Source: @macystucke

black boots

6. Leather Leggings + Bodysuit

leather leggings and bodysuit

Source: @henrika.karolina


7. Leather Leggings + Sheer Top

leather leggings and sheer top

Source: @miamiamine

sheer top

8. Leather Leggings + Faux Fur Coat

leather leggings and faux fur coat

Source: @miamiamine

faux fur coat

9. Alternative Legging Colors

brown leather leggings

Source: @_misteriozna_

brown leather leggings

10. Leather Leggings + Oversized Coat

leather leggings and oversized coat

Source: @miamiamine

oversized coat

11. Leather Leggings + Trench Coat

leather leggings and trench coat

Source: @macystucke

trench coat

12. Leather Leggings + Flannel

leather leggings and flannel

Source: @tally_ch

flannel shirt

13. Leather Leggings + Leather Jacket

leather leggings and leather jacket

Source: @lisakuschka

leather jacket

14. Leather Leggings + Heels

leather leggings and heels

Source: @_k_kisssa

red heels

15. Leather Leggings + Sneakers

leather leggings and sneakers

Source: @lisakuschka

white sneaker

16. Leather Leggings + Suede Knee High Boots

leather leggings and knee high boots

suede knee high boots

17. Leather Leggings + Leather Boots

leather leggings and leather boots

Source: @nadiaanya_


18. Leather Leggings + Your Favorite Accessories

leather leggings and accessories

Source: @miamiamine

black leather bag

19. Leather Leggings + Knitted Sweater

leather leggings and knitted sweater

Source: @miamiamine

knitted sweater

20. Leather Leggings + Puffer Jacket

leather leggings and puffer jacket

Source: @kalinakuzmanova

red puffer jacket

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