When you're out at the mall or even on the street, do you ever feel like you're watching your own little fashion show in your head?

As people pass you by like models on a runway, you study their outfits, dissecting them piece by piece. You can't help but think how great all these people look, everything seems to fit perfectly like the pieces to a puzzle.

If only you could pull off the same kind of outfits, right? It's easier than you think!

If you don't have your ear to the ground when it comes to all the latest trends, that's okay. All you need is a few basic pieces.

These 10 things will make your outfits look better. It's time for your own runway moment!

Biker Shorts

biker shorts

Source: @oliviamuenter

All the cool girls have been wearing these for the last two years, so if you've been resisting them thus far, now is the time to jump on the train.

Once you put them on, you'll immediately understand why they're so popular. They just make for a pretty damn good outfit if you ask me.

metallic biker shorts

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag

Source: @ashbegash

90s shoulder bags are back and they're the easiest way to elevate your look in a trendy way with minimal effort.

Oversized Blazer

oversized blazer

Source: @twentysomethingplus

Remember the days where wearing something that was too big for you used to not be considered fashion? Well, that's still kind of true except now items are designed to be oversized. 

That means buying something that's two sizes too big for you is still a no-no. But something that's intentionally oversized can make you look like a savant of street fashion.

I think there's no better oversized piece to wear than a blazer in a boxy fit. They can be worn in and out of the office and draped over your shorts in the summer or your jeans in the fall. Blazers have got you covered.

oversized blazer

Not Skinny Jeans

wide leg jeans

Source: @waityouneedthis

Skinny jeans aren't going anywhere anytime soon but right now, 90s inspired straight leg and wide leg jeans are having their moment.

wide leg jeans

Asymmetrical Top

asymmetrical top

Source: @anastasiasouris

Adding a subtle twist to a classic piece is one of the easiest ways to elevate your outfits. A one-shoulder top is a trend I think we should all embrace.

one shoulder bodysuit

Long Denim Shorts

long denim shorts

Source: @itsmekellieb

Showing your butt cheeks through your shorts isn't for everyone, but bermuda shorts certainly are. Even though they're looser and longer, they're totally effortless as well.

If you're not completely sold on the idea, just buy a pair in a length that's mid-thigh instead.

distressed denim shorts

Cat Eye Sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses

Source: @samanthakatew

Cat-eye sunglasses are small but they can change your look in a big way. Throw on a pair and immediately take on a more fierce, chic look. Keeping a pair handy is essential for enhancing your outfits.

Statement Sandals

strappy sandals

Source: @kayla_seah

You only really need one pair of statement shoes. A block heel or strappy style paired with your basics will instantaneously take your look to a whole new level.

Bright Lipstick

bright red lipstick

Source: @theyusufs

Want to know how to make an instantly noticeable impact with your look? Pop on a bright shade of lipstick and watch people's eyes dart in your direction.

Statement Leather

leather shorts

Source: @francesvc

In 2020, there are no rules when it comes to leather, you can wear anything you like in any color you can dream of. Think pastels and jewel tones. A bold leather piece is guaranteed to make your outfits stand out.

Wear anything you want, shorts, blazers, bomber jacket - you name it!

faux leather shorts

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