Dear white tee,

I know some might describe you as simple or unglamorous but what you lack in bold detail you make up for in your quiet dependability. While other pieces may receive great praise for their unique and trendy style, you humbly take a back seat.

Like glue, you keep our outfits held together, allowing the more bold elements to shine. And while they may have their moment, they eventually move on. But not you. You are timeless.

When we're stressing about what to wear, there you are to offer that helping hand, which quickly ties everything together. When we just want to feel comfy and reassured in the clothes we're wearing, there you are.

Thank you, white tee.

Too much? What can I say, I love a good white t shirt! And I think it's time this staple of all staples got a little shine with these 10 awesome white tee outfit ideas.

White Tee + Bright Dress

white tee under dress

The most fun you can have with a white t shirt outfit is to wear it with unconventional pieces. Wear it under your favorite sundress and it will give your white tee, as well as the rest of your wardrobe, new life.

This is one of my favorite white t shirt summer outfits.

v neck mini dress

White tee + Denim Skirt

white tee and denim skirt

Two classics paired together makes for one simply awesome classic outfit. Add a couple of accessories for that cool-girl vibe like a scarf as a belt and your best pair of shades.

denim mini skirt

White Tee + Patterned Skirt

white tee and patterned skirt

If you're not feeling the denim skirt look, try a patterned one instead. Opt for a geometric, bohemian or plaid pattern while your white tee lets the skirt do its job.

boho mini skirt

White Tee + Black Skirt

white tee and black skirt

Black, like white, is forever, so combine the two for a fail proof black and white t shirt outfit. Find a cute black skirt and pair with black flats and a bag to match.

faux leather skirt

White Tee + Blazer + Jeans

white tee and blazer

This one's especially good if you have to rush to your date after work. Dress down your work blazer and pair with your favorite jeans plus some chic heels.

black blazer

White Tee + Black Leather Jacket

black leather jacket

Conjure up some James Dean vibes with an effortlessly cool outfit. Tuck your tee into a pair of high waist jeans and pair it with a western-inspired belt. Finish the look with a black leather jacket and your coolest pair of dark sunglasses.

embroidered faux leather jacket

White Tee + Denim Jacket + Neckerchief

white tee and denim jacket

This white tee and jeans outfit is super laidback and easy to pull off. Drape your go-to denim jacket over your shoulders and sport a colorful neckerchief. This is a perfect plain white t shirt outfit for Sunday brunch.

denim jacket

White Tee + Patterned Suit

white tee and patterned suit

If you think a patterned suit might be a bit too much for you, opt for a pair of black pants and a blazer instead. Accessorize with some white sneakers and a chic crossbody bag.

black pants

White Tee + Jeans + Bold Heels

white t shirt and jeans outfit

Turn up your white t shirt and jeans outfit up a notch with a pair of bold heels that will transform your look from grocery store visit to date night, instantly.

White Tee + High Waist Pants

white tee and high waist pants

Elevate your basic white tee with a pair of high waist pants in any color or pattern you desire. Complete the look with a pair of low heeled shoes and a matching handbag and you're good to go.

gingham pants

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