Summer is here but it's not quite what you expected, is it?

I don't think anyone did.

And yet, here you are still trying to make the most of it. And that's awesome because there are still plenty of summer trends to embrace, especially when it comes to fashion.

High waisted shorts are still a must-have for this season. Anyone can make them look good and they go with basically every kind of top.

Need proof? I'll show you some of the best women's high waisted shorts that you can work in with your tops for some amazing summer outfits.

Keep scrolling to see them for yourself.

The Look That Never Fails

high waisted shorts denim

Source: @astyledmind

High waisted jean shorts aren't going away any time soon. When styling yours, keep it simple.

A white top, whether it's puff sleeve or button-down, paired with your denim shorts is an infallible combination for summer.

high waisted jean shorts

milkmaid top

The Polished Pre-Planned Look

high waisted shorts suit

Source: @chrissyford

Summer is all about taking things easy, and there's nothing easier than when your outfit is already planned for you.

High waisted shorts suits are extremely polished and look like you've put in a lot more effort into your outfit than you actually have.

If it feels a little too formal for your liking, you can always dress it down with a bralette.

The Old School Look

high waisted mom shorts

Source: @mathildesoltoft

Mom high waisted shorts are in, so if you're going to wear a pair of these vintage high waisted shorts, why not go all in with a dad shirt, too?

The 1990s called with their vibrant colors and bold print, will you answer the call this season?

The Monochrome Look

high waisted shorts red

Source: @inmyjoi

When you're in a jam, opt for a monochrome high waisted shorts outfit.

Mix and match different prints and textures, like gingham and ruffles, to really make your outfit pop.

The Lounging Around Look

orange high waisted shorts

Source: @noelledowning

If you've been lounging about in your PJs and sweats lately, there's good news because you can make loungewear out of your high waisted shorts outfits too!

Throw on a bright pair with your favorite "I'm done for the day" graphic tee.

The Baggy Look

white high waisted shorts

Source: @annawinck

You don't always need to balance out your baggy outfits with high waisted shorts and a tight shirt or crop top. An oversized sweater or sweatshirt in a similar color works perfectly - and is comfy as heck.

The Fancy Look

Green high waisted shorts

Source: @simonenoa

Who knew you could make high waisted shorts look so fancy?

Well, you can. But if you're not feeling a button-down or a blazer, a ruffle or one shoulder top can make just as big a statement.

Green high waisted shorts

one shoulder ruffle blouse

The Accessorized Look

black high waisted shorts

Source: @jourdanriane

High waisted biker shorts go with just about every tank or tee. But to give your outfit some oomph, you need to accessorize.

Add a bucket hat, hoops and a leather jacket to your black high waisted shorts for a street style ready ensemble.

The Cardi Look

jean high waisted shorts

Source: @nadiaaboulhosn

Whether it's a cardigan or a denim jacket, just leave a few button unfastened to show off some skin.

jeans high waisted shorts

The On-Trend Look

high waisted shorts leather

Source: @brittanyxavier

Faux leather high waisted shorts are in for 2020. You can wear them however you want but I think the best way for this summer is with a loose muscle tank.

Now you've got all the ideas you need to rock your new high waisted shorts outfits this summer. Become an Arona XO Insider below to get even more outfit inspiration like this.

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