Even though you can feel it in your bones, that slightly familiar feeling of fall on the horizon, that feeling that makes you rush to buy candles, pumpkins and cozy knits - the weather doesn't always cooperate.

While we all appreciate the last of the summer wine, the heat is beginning to wear out its welcome just a little bit. We're all dying to get our Blair Waldorf on but the heat just won't let us! Plaid jackets or cozy sweaters will make us sweat way too much.

Having said that, there are still some key fall pieces you can start wearing now to help you slowly transition from the warmer weather into the more moderate cold we've all been anticipating.

Here are 10 fall pieces you can start wearing right now.

1. A Blazer

white blazer

Source: @miamiamine

A good blazer is essential to fall but it can work for warmer weather too with a pair of shorts - whether they be denim or something a little dressier. The trick is, if it gets too hot, to pair it with a crop top or drape it over your shoulders.

2. A Silk Midi Skirt

Silk Midi Skirt

Source: @dadouchic

Is there anything a good silk midi skirt can't do? Not only are they great for summer but they work in the fall too. When temperatures begin to fall, throw on a denim jacket, sweatshirt or cozy knit for an outfit formula that will last you months on end.

They go with booties just as well as they do sandals in the summertime.

3. Booties


Source: @sophie_amiller

Yes, you can rock fall's favorite shoe with a summer dress or even denim shorts. Everyone needs a high-quality pair of booties, so if you've been looking for an excuse to splurge on some, this is it! I guarantee you'll be wearing them for the next couple months solid.

4. A Crisp Button-up

Button-up shirt

Source: @beatriz84

A crisp button-up is a staple for fall because it pairs well with everything from plaid skirts to jewel-toned jackets. Make it work for you when it's 80+ degrees by rolling up your sleeves or tying the front in a knot for a more cropped look.

5. Plaid Dress

Plaid Dress

Source: @marr.wwah

Your go-to fall dress looks just as good on its own even without tights. Pair it with those booties you bought or get some more wear out of your favorite summer shoe while you still can.

6. Dark Florals

dark floral dress

Source: @joannemmm

Spring florals are by no means groundbreaking, but fall florals? While floral print is traditionally in-style during warmer months, darker, romantic florals have a cold-weather vibe, making standout pieces in vampy hues and big floral prints the perfect trend to work for both summer and fall. 

7. Knit Top

Knit Top

Source: @lucygrassso

It's like a seasonally appropriate version of the top you've been wearing all summer, except you can easily transition it into cooler days with a jacket over the top.

8. A Long-sleeve Maxi Dress

A Long-sleeve Maxi Dress

Source: @nadiaanya_

Sleeveless dresses might be your staple in summer, but fall beckons for long-sleeve varieties. Luckily, your transitional wardrobe dresses will be up to the test when it's warm but perfectly adequate in the cold, too. Simply trade in your sandals for booties and throw on a jacket.

9. Leather Leggings

Leather Leggings

Source: @miamiamine

Where would we be without leggings? They're a year-round essential. But now it's time to upgrade the pair you've been wearing since March to a more luxe leather pair. Pair with a tee while it's still warm and come fall, a cozy knit.

10. A Light Sweater

Light Sweater

Source: @alpa.rama

If you're like me and turn into a popsicle when the air conditioning is left on too long, a thin sweater is a must have for the summer too. Replace your casual sweatshirt with a lightweight knit and pair with shorts if it's still too hot. By fall, you'll have a trendy knit that you can layer under your more essential outerwear.

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