You've been doing it practically your whole life.

There's no way you could be doing it wrong, could you?

You've read countless blogs, fashion magazines and even watched videos about it.

But believe it or not, there's still a few things you might not know about how to dress yourself. Important things!

If you've ever stood in front of your closet and thought to yourself, "I have nothing to wear!" then you can be sure that there's at least a few things you could be doing better. And that's okay.

I think it's time you should know what they are. Here are 10 fashion tips for women you need to know.

1. Dress for your body type

I encourage every woman to show off what she's most proud of - long legs a toned waist. But minimizing the parts that you're least proud of can be difficult.

In my blog, What's the Best Dress Style For My Body Type? I detailed how to dress for the most common body types to find your perfect dress. The key for each was to balance out your body.

For example, I recommended that women with wide hips and round buttocks (also known as a pear shape) accentuate their shoulders and upper-body by wearing things like puff sleeves.

puff sleeve mini dress

The idea being that by drawing attention to your shoulders, it creates more of a balanced hourglass figure.

You can read the blog to learn more about balancing out your unique body type.

2. Wear trends according to your age

If you see a trend you like but you're not sure if it's age-appropriate, don't worry because there's bound to be a version that's better suited to you.

For example, designer Rebecca Minkoff says instead of wearing a crop top, you could pair a shirt that sits at or above the navel with a high-waisted skirt.

high waisted skirt

It's not exactly the same but that's okay because it may be right for you. Trust me, when you try really hard to look younger because you're uncomfortable with your age, it shows.

3. Wear the right sized bra

A proper fitting bra is so important but so many women get it wrong. Where your breasts sit on your chest makes all the difference in how your clothes fit.

Lilliana Vazquez of says an improper fitting bra can cause bulging and sagging. Nobody wants that.

If you find the right bra, however, your silhouette will look slimmer from every angle.

Kristen Supulski of Vanity Fair Brands recommends that your breasts should sit halfway between your elbows and your shoulders. And that the front center panel of the bra should lay flat with no wrinkling or gapping in the cups.

4. Don't stress about matching everything

Instead of trying to match your colors exactly, aim to wear colors that enhance one another.

Rebecca Minkoff recommends looking at a color wheel because the colors that are opposite each other are actually complementary.

e.g. orange and navy or purple and saffron.

Keep the colors and textures of your accessories diverse too like wearing your LBD with navy shoes and a burgundy handbag.

And never, ever, ever wear jewelry that was sold together. It's tacky!

5. Pick one body part to show off

In my blog What to Wear to Damn Near Every Social Event one of the recommendations I made for what to wear to a first date was to be selective about showing off skin.

If you're wearing a low-cut dress for example, put the emphasis on the cleavage. You don't need to show off your arms and legs as well.

low cut dress

The idea is that you don't want to give too many things for people to look at. Especially on a first date - don't show them all the goods at once!

The same applies to form-fitting clothes as well. A bodycon dress with a conservative neckline and hem works well.

6. Invest in the staples

One of the key ideas in my blog How to Dress Like a French Woman on a Budget was investing in your wardrobe.

French women don't always splurge on designer labels, instead they invest in quality clothing they know will last for years to come.

The up-front cost may be expensive but the idea is that the lifetime value you get out of your garment warrants the cost.

black blazer

Something like a black blazer for example might cost $500 but the cost per wear might end up being something like $1 over its lifetime.

7. Create your signature style

When you find a look that works for you, you just know it. Others might even complement you on it. But every time you wear that outfit it just feels right.

Now I want you to take that outfit and make it your signature. But mix it up.

In my blog How to Crush Your Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe Checklist at the end I mention that by minimizing your wardrobe, you will start to see a common theme in your outfits.

By the nature of your shrunken wardrobe, this forces you to develop a signature look that you can make subtle changes to by simply swapping out something like your shoes or your pants.

Rebecca Minkoff says any time you feel the need to talk yourself into wearing or buying something, it's a sign that it's not right for you.

If you're not sure about your signature look, take photos of yourself in the mirror wearing different outfits and compare them.

8. Buy yourself a classic white shirt

A pure white shirt should be a staple of any woman's wardrobe. 

But creative director of Thomas Pink Florence Thomas says go too white and your teeth may look a little yellow by comparison. So, consider wearing a bold lipstick so that your teeth look whiter.

white button-up shirt

If you're not sure about the best cut for you, a button-up with darting at the waist or curved princess seams can create a feminine hourglass shape on anyone.

Make sure the seams of the shoulders line up with your shoulders and that there's no pulling across the front or back.

9. Mix prints and patterns

Normally, I would say don't double up on prints because it takes away from the print that you want to stand out most.

But when you get it right, you can have a chic, confident outfit. Some pairings, like polka dots with stripes just work.

Just like I mentioned about matching colors, don't try to match prints that are too similar to each other. For instance, plaid and houndstooth.

Avoid adding more color into the mix by wearing neutral accessories.

10. Jewelry should complement your features

Just as I said about dressing for your body type, you should wear jewelry that complements your features, too.

Jewelry designer Lizzie Fortunato says if you have a round face, long earrings can make your face look slimmer. While short, chunky earrings can make an oblong face appear less narrow.

If you're endowed with large breasts, wear necklaces that sit about an inch above your cleavage. Long pendants will just sit awkwardly on you.

If you're a little pale, wear earrings in lighter colors like pearls for a more radiant complexion.

With these simple but important tips you can dress better and take on the world with a new sense of self-confidence. Go out there and crush it!

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